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  1. The problem is the delay. Remove any delay from the loop!!!!! You cannot have anything delaying there. Think of it as a bottle being filled with water from a tap: if the bottle is small and u wait 20 seconds, what happens? Overflow Why do you need a delay there? There's a function to disable the FIFO, maybe you can play with it if you really need to stop the reading process and do something meanwhile: void MPU6050::setFIFOEnabled(bool enabled) just remember to enable it when done.
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  2. bmsrao

    mpu-6050 dmp access

    hello jeff rowberg, I B.M.S.RAO.I am an engineering final year student. I am doing a project which is having mpu-6050, and using ATMEGA32L (8-bit) micro controller. My task is to display the YAW rate, PITCH rate, ROLL rate on the hyper terminal, and I succeeded to get the raw data, But in the datasheet, there was no data about how to access the DMP register, I tried a lot to get these details, but I didnt get the adequate information regarding dmp access and no relevant data on internet also ,meanwhile I saw your code(C++ language) in github website to get YAW rate ,PITCH rate ,ROLL rate and you said ,you have used reverse engineering method to get that data. Sir its my kind request, please help me how to get the above YAW rate, PITCH rate, ROLL rate. Sir I cant afford to use arduino based, spark fun based hardware kits and their soft wares. I have stand-alone ATMEGA32L (8-bit) micro controller, avr studio version 6. Regarding this; I had sent a mail (how to get dmp data in mpu-6050) to invensense, where they replied me that to use Embedded_MotionDriver_5.1.But I have nil knowledge regarding the Embedded_MotionDriver_5.1. Sir I humbly request you to please help me. Is it possible to get the code that you have mentioned in the git hub website in C language or in any algorithm form (like flowchart to access dmp registers)?
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