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  1. I am trying to get the data from an accelerometer , i.e BMA220. I am getting the data but the data is in 2's complement . So i have to change back the negative values and then there is one sensitivity thing i.e 16LSB/mg( i dunno the significance). the thing is i need data in g units but after conversion i am getting data as 125, 2 and like this. I am sure these can't be g values because i am not putting it in 125g situation. do anybody have any idea how to convert it properly..?What i am doing is below. sensor sending 2 's complement data' check the sign bit if negative data = (data ^ 0xff)+1 // decomplementing (data*1000)/16. //dividing because of 16LSB/mg.( 16LSB/mg?) final g value.. still I am wondering data is should be in g values like x m/s2 . but data does not seems like that... Am I doing things correctly, if not then what is the correct way? this is datasheet link.. http://zh.bosch-sensortec.com/content/language4/downloads/BST-BMA220-DS003-07.pdf
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