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  1. Hello,  

    I am a college student working to build a UAV.  I selected the MPU6050 as my IMU because it seems to have a pretty substantial community around it.  Time to test that! 

    Does anyone know how to invert the orientation of the IMU sensor in order to change its frame from a quadcopter to a UAV?  I have attached photos below.  I have tried flipping the physical sensor and playing with the offsets but that has not yielded anything useful.  

    I have designed a complicated quaternion attitude controller dependent on the AC orientation and it would be a real pain to have to redo all of my work because of a IMU coding issue.  I have the MPU6050 connected to a raspberry pi, which runs the controller, and am using an Arduino Due to control the motors/servos.  

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!  

    AC Orientation.png

    Quad Orientation.png

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