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  1. Just to add some additional information: I'm outputting the REALACCEL acceleration values and dividing them by 16,384, as indicated in the datasheet for +/-2g sensitivity. If the sensitivity when using the DMP is actually +/-4g, I should only be dividing by 8,192. This will double the 'g-force' numbers that I am currently logging, putting them more in line with what I expect.
  2. I was under the impression that the default range for the MPU-6050 accelerometer was +/-2g, but after doing some datalogging I'm beginning to think that is only the case for the raw values (i.e. using MPU6050_raw.ino) and not true when using the DMP (i.e. using DMP6050_DMP6.ino). The values I obtained are half of what I believe they should be, leading me to believe that with DMP the default range is +/-4g. I found a line in MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps20.h that only confuses me more: // get rid of the gravity component (+1g = +8192 in standard DMP FIFO packet, sensitivity is 2g) If the sensitivity is 2g, doesn't 1g = 16,384? Or am I reading the datasheet incorrectly? At this point I'm pretty confused and hopefully somebody can clear it all up for me...
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