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  1. Same doubt here, for quite a long time. I mainly work with the accelerations. I am still a beginner in this, so it is not clear to me whether the DLPF only acts if the DMP is on. Also, I did not find any configuration where the DLPF is off, is it always on? (pg 13 of product specification does not show any value to turn DLPF off). Better, let me ask a practical hypothetical question: If I only extract raw acceleration values from MPU6050, would the DLPF be on by "default"? In other words, if I implement a code in Arduino to read data from MPU6050 at 1kHz, would the DLPF be previously applied to the data? I am facing problems to check this behaviour since I do not have the means to produce high frequency vibrations and test it empirically.
  2. Hi guys, First of all, many thanks to luisrodenas for sharing this work! And to all who contributed on the thread along this years. Studying the code, I have stumbled on a doubt that many here have posted without a definitive answer, which was asked also in many other sources that refers to this calibration code. What is the motivation for the division by 8 and 4 in the calibration function? ax_offset=-mean_ax/8; ay_offset=-mean_ay/8; az_offset=(16384-mean_az)/8; gx_offset=-mean_gx/4; gy_offset=-mean_gy/4; gz_offset=-mean_gz/4; I have searched a lot but couldn't figure it out. Was it based on trial and error? Also, when we use the setOffset functions, what those really do in the sensor? accelgyro.setXAccelOffset(ax_offset); accelgyro.setYAccelOffset(ay_offset); accelgyro.setZAccelOffset(az_offset); accelgyro.setXGyroOffset(gx_offset); accelgyro.setYGyroOffset(gy_offset); accelgyro.setZGyroOffset(gz_offset); For example, if I took the ax_offset, ay_offset, az_offset, gx_offset, gy_offset, and gz_offset values, and subtract from raw data taken from the sensor (without any offset configuration), would that have the same effect? I am looking forward to experiment it myself, but I still don't have access to the resources yet. Many thanks
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