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  1. Dear Susan, renrr3, jrlin and anyone who might be confused about these calculations on the calibration function: I came upon this problem while trying to calibrate the sensor with a +/-16G range. It turns out that these constants rescale the offsets for the selected sensibility, as the values returned by the MPU6050 are in the maximum range. So, for a +/-2G accelerometer range (standard) it's necessary to divide the coefficients by 8 (16G/8 = 2G) and the gyroscope ones by 4 for a standard sensibility of 250dps (1000dps/4 = 250dps). In order to calibrate the sensor properly, I also had to change the constants 16384 by 2048. This is because the chip provides values between -32,768 and 32,767. With a range of 2G, the gravity acceleration is equivalent to the number 16384 (32767/2). If the range is 16G, then 1G is 2048 (32767/16). This explanation was provided by arduarn in the Arduino forum. You can check the original discussion here http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=535717 Best wishes,
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