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Raw Accelerometer and Gyroscope Information from MPU-6050

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First off,

I would like to sincerely thank Jeff Rowberg for his work on writing the libraries for this chip and to whom that have any insights on this matter.


I have an application in which I'm using the chip for posture measurement. As of right now, I am able to stream my desired information using a serial connection. For this application, I needed raw accelerometer, raw gyroscope information in addition to the quaternion DMP output for the sake of having redundant information. I noticed that I can obtain the raw accelerometer and raw gyroscope information from both the DMP library and the MPU library. I was wondering if it matters where I get this information from. (i.e. mpu.dmpGetAccel(&aa, fifoBuffer) vs. mpu.getAcceleration(&Ax,&Ay,&Az)).  Also, does the full scale voltage settings (i.e. +/- 2g vs. +/-4g) apply to the DMP quaternion output, or is it a complete unknown. 


Thanks in Advance

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