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I've had good success w/the MPU6050 in the I2C dev lib.


I'm moving to the STM32 ARM Cortex M4 in the STM32F405/F406 line.


Work is underway to get things working w/the Arduino-like wirish library that's part of libmaple.


I'm thinking after I get the libmaple ported to the STM32F405/F406, I'd be willing to contribute some time to get the core of I2C Dev Lib ported to the STM32. 


I saw on the main i2cdevlib page that STM32 was a future target - so if it sounds like my efforts are helpful, please let me know and we can establish any guidelines, etc.




- scott

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i am working on a project "Evaluation of a 3 axis accelerometer and gyroscope".I just have the theoretical knowledge about I2C and all other related aspects regarding this project but i am new to the programming and have no idea how to start the coding part.Here is the short description of my project. I have STM32F407 microcntroller board and GY521 breakout board(MPU6050) my microcontroller acts as a master and mpu 6050 acts as a slave and interfacing has to be done to establish the so called "communication"between these two via I2C bus and code has to be written in software Cocoox Coide MPU 6050 consists of accelerometer and gyroscope sensors which reads sensor values....when interfacing is done.....This is what the project is all about.So could you please help me in coding
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