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Hey everyone, 


I want first to thank a lot Jeff Rowberg for his work, because without him my project might not be so advanced.


I will first present outlines of my project: The idea is to track arm position in 3D space, this by using 3 GY-521connected on a Teensy 2.0 board. 


All sensors are connected on the two I2C pins of the board and each of them is connected from one digital pin to the ADO of the sensor.

Because sensors have only 2 addresses, I have created a loop that will change the ADO to HIGH for one sensor and 2 others to LOW. In that way, I will query data from only the sensor that is HIGH and at the end stock it in an array. When the 3 sensors have send their data I print the results and return in initial condition. 

Everything is going well, I have good results but their is still one thing that I can't fix: my second sensor, the one in the middle is delayed and this is really annoying. 

The point that is really confusing, is that others sensors work very well, if the problem might be due to the delay of querying result, the 3rd one should be worst, but it is not the case... Also It is not a sensor problem because I have already replace it twice... 

I Also have try to call only the second sensor without the two others and the delay persist.


Is someone have any suggestion of how fixing this problem, I will be really grateful to him. 

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