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Compass to use with MPU-6050

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I haven't added support for anything besides the AK8975, which is what was built into the MotionApps code. However, Github user @muzhig has made it work with the HMC5883L:




Note that this doesn't work with the DMP, but does provide raw magnetometer readings in the external sensor data registers as described in his comment.

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Hi LagaV,


I have tested the code with a 9150, and it does work (though you may have to modify the AK8975's slave address to be something else--0x0C or 0x0E or something like that--depending on your specific 9150. Some people have had it work as written, and some people have needed to change the slave address of the mag. I'm not sure what the pattern is, or if it relates to engineering samples or what, but in short, the answer is that you should be able to use it. The MotionApps v4.1 code is required, of course, since the v2.0 stuff doesn't have any mag support.

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I know this is quite an old topic, but maybe is the rigth place to ask.


Jeff, when you say:




I have tested the code with a 9150, and it does work


Do you mean that the DMP inside the 9150 is running a 9 axis sensor fusion algorithm by itself?  Or is it running a 6 axis algorithm and later fusionates with magnetometer readings at host?



Btw, some extra questions. Can the DMP run at 200Hz instead of 100Hz? Maybe new DMP firmware? I have seen people saying it can, at Invensense's developers corner.  (http://www.invensense.com/developers/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=633)    And here: (http://harinadha.wordpress.com/2013/07/03/mpu9150datalog)


And what does Embedded MotionDriver v5.1 have to do with all this thing?


Thank you for your time or anyone's who answer! :)

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