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Reading Multiple MPU6050 with MSP430

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Hello Everyone

Using Invensenses Motion Driver, I want to read about 8 MPU6050. With AD0 connecting to 0 and 1, 2 sensors could be read successfully.

I plan to control AD0 pin with MSP430 GPIO, with reading one sensor at a time (using concept one unique slave address over I2C), interrupts will be connected to one port to indicate availability of data in buffer.

I need some guidance through the process. Has anyone been able to read more than 2 MPUs using Motion Driver ??

If yes, how is it done ?

Thanks in advance


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I'm developing something similar, but I used a big microcontroller (several I2C and mpu9150), did your idea of using AD0 as a select bit worked?

Also i'm using mpu9250 and SPI Interface to read several IMUs at the same time, here main processor is a Cypress. Nice proyect, please tell me if AD0 can be used as you said, it's an very interesting approach!

Best regards.



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