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acceleration in m/s^2

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Dont know if what i am saying is correct but

You get outpu X Y Z ( 3 axis)  2 bytes for each axe 

each value ( 2bytes) is signed so you convert them to  -32768 till +32768 depend on your scale ( -+2G 4G 8G 16G) you divine your output.

for example for 16G you divine output/2048 (if you have stable the sensor Z axe will show you 1 gravity , so if it show you 2048 the accelerometer is on +-16G mode)


You get samples in internal, if you get every 0.001sec you -> velocityZ =accelerationZ*0.001*G => velocityZ=accelerationZ*0.001*9.8



But Sensor are not accurate :) your sample interal is not enough so the velicity probably will be far from real (and distance quad far :))

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