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Library Rewrite of the DMP lib for Pedometer Functionality

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Hello Forum User,


   First off, thank you for taking the time to read this. Second, I require some assistance in the rewriting of the InvenSence DMP lib for the TI microcontroller for use with the Arduino Uno and MPU6050. I have managed to remove most of the syntax errors that occured when switching from .c to .cpp, and removed the TI microcontroller specific code, but I am having problems with utilizing the Wire.h twi libraries for the I2C communication (specificly writing a function to call the twi libs when the i2c_write or i2c_read functions are called.) Ideally, it would use the included Wire.h library or the i2cdev library for the i2c communication.


  The main reason for this rewrite is to provide the ability of the users to call all of the listed functions of the DMP. In my case, this is primarally for the Pedometer functions which are not included in other libraries, but it can be used for the other functions as well. Below is a link to the dropbox file with the original library and the modified library.




Thank you very much for your assistance in the matter.






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