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How to convert the gyroscope readings to Degrees/Second?

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Sorry If this question is already answered or is way too noob.... I am a novice programmer :( and I dont really know how to get Degrees/second 

  mpu.getRotation(&gx, &gy, &gz);

  gyroRoll = gx/131.0;
  gyroPitch = gy/131.0;
  gyroYaw = gz/131.0;

Is this correct ? Does my gyroRoll, gyroPitch, gyroYaw give values in degrees/second? I want the values to use in my quadcopter code... Also I didnt change any default sensitivity in my MPU6050. Actually I am using Hextronik Nanowii V01 flight controller which is Arduino Leonardo.


Also I got another doubt, Is ± 250 °/s more sensitive to changes and give wider range of raw values and ± 2000 °/s is less sensitive to changes and gives narrow range of raw values???


Sorry if these questions are way too noob, I just cant confirm anywhere the above assumptions that I have made.

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I am using I2C library for MPU 6050 to get data of accelerometer and gyros. And i think I2C library has an inbuilt +/- 250 deg/sec for angular velocity. So that means i can detect maximum of 250 deg/s and it will saturate at 250 (in the plot) if my angular velocity is more than 250 deg/s. So how can we change to the +/- 2000 deg/s? Also, is it possible to change only gyro scale and retaining the accelerometer range which is +/- 2g (inbuilt)?


Any help is highly appreciated.




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