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DMP Gesture Detection & Gesture Interrupts

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Hey all - 


I've been lurking on this forum for over a year as I worked through the various learning curves on the road to getting advanced DMP data from my 6050 and interpreting it with my Arduino Pro Minis. Yesterday, I finally had a breakthrough.


The breakthrough came when I found the Invensense-original source code published for the android OS - an implementation of the 6.12 DMP, I think. After scouring that code and several other non-arduino implementations (for the Wii, QuadCopters, Robots and others), I bashed away at the 6.12 drivers from Invensense until I had something functional. After a lot of fiddling, I'm now able to retrieve DMP FIFO updates at various rates, and the DMP FIFO data *contains Tap Count, Tap Direction, and Orientation*! This is exactly what I've been looking for! (what I expected from a DMP, really)


But, now that I've seen the Android implementation, it's apparent that the DMP is actually interpreting several *other* types of gestures in addition to Tap and Orientation. I see comments and methods for Flicks and Shakes, and I suspect there may be more. 


So, does anyone know of any available source code that's actually making use of these additional advanced DMP gesture algorithms? Are there any other resources that may contain clues as to how the DMP can be made to detect these gestures, and how I can interpret bthe resulting data?


Any information will be much appreciated, and thanks to everyone for helping make this forum such a great resource!





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Hello MattE,

Just wanted to make sure you know there is a developers corner at the Invensense's website.



At first there was very little information available about their products, but nowadays they have lots of information, code, examples for different platforms, etc.

I guess that's the reason this forum is now kind of outdated, even though things here are still usable, reliable, easy to use and implement, etc...  But the most updated features are at Invensense's developers corner.

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I did find some helpful threads there, but after reading through a bunch of posts, I noticed posts asking about DMP gesture detection go unanswered... after a while, I concluded that a lot of questions were left unanswered. Heh, then I found this one:



Meanwhile, you guys here at I2CDev forums love this stuff, and want to learn more about it too... and it shows!


I'm gonna keep digging on this for sure, as I think these chips may hide some pretty cool easter-eggs. If anyone else has worked/played with the undocumented DMP features, let me know - what did you figure out? 


Thanks again,





PS: This is a great resource if anyone's looking for a little 'light reading' https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/msm.git/+/eaf36994a3992b8f918c18e4f7411e8b2320a35f/drivers/misc/mpu6050/mldl_cfg.c 

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