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Quickstart and performances tricks?

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I started recently with micro controllers and with the mpu9150.


So far I have purchased few ones, although I am still deciding on which should I settle.

I did get a Teensy 3.1 and 2 Adafruit products (Trinket pro and Bluefruit); I need small devices, so I just skipped the various Uno and such.


I did find some tutorials about how to use the MPU-9150 and they were pointing on the I2Cdevlib, so I discovered both the git repo and this forum :)


At the moment I am using the example found on sparkfun, whcih I modified slightly. Although I am having problems to understand how the whole thing works...I notice that the FIFO buffer goes often in overflow; so I read a bit about changing the TWI interface, to lower the speed.


Is there a sort of guide that explain how to optimize the trafffic between the sensor and the micro controller? Also I am sending on serial the output, is this the preferred way, or should the sensor data be saved on the micro controller and sent as data file instead than serial write?


Thanks for the help; I am just starting and I do not know much (plus most of the material online is based on Arduino; which in some case is totally different from other micro controllers.


At times I am tempted to get an Arduino Nano, just to have a more streamlined experience while learning.

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