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MPU6050 on NavSpark


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I am trying to implement the MPU6050 on the NavSpark Platform.


The I2C is slightly different which is no big deal to handle.


The big issue is PROGMEM can not be used.


It is suggested to use something this this "const double tmp[10000] ="


Any suggestions on how to implement MPU6050 within this library structure for the NavSpark Platform?






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I noticed in the code that using PROGMEM is "optional" in MPU6050.CPP?

if (useProgMem) progBuffer = (uint8_t *)malloc(MPU6050_DMP_MEMORY_CHUNK_SIZE);
    for (i = 0; i < dataSize;) {
        // determine correct chunk size according to bank position and data size
        chunkSize = MPU6050_DMP_MEMORY_CHUNK_SIZE;

        // make sure we don't go past the data size
        if (i + chunkSize > dataSize) chunkSize = dataSize - i;

        // make sure this chunk doesn't go past the bank boundary (256 bytes)
        if (chunkSize > 256 - address) chunkSize = 256 - address;
        if (useProgMem) {
            // write the chunk of data as specified
            for (j = 0; j < chunkSize; j++) progBuffer[j] = pgm_read_byte(data + i + j);
        } else {
            // write the chunk of data as specified
            progBuffer = (uint8_t *)data + i;

But the code always uses "true" so PROGMEM is always used.

bool MPU6050::writeProgMemoryBlock(const uint8_t *data, uint16_t dataSize, uint8_t bank, uint8_t address, bool verify) {
    return writeMemoryBlock(data, dataSize, bank, address, verify, false);

Can the "true" just be changed to "false"?






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