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MPU6050 reading fifo - without lose any data

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I use MPU6050 and I am reading data from Gyro. Because I need absolutely the same time between each samples (as dt for additional computing), so I use a FIFO. But there is little mistake I think. I read FIFO about every 10ms - this period is not so accurate, but it does not mind, because data in FIFO are stored with accurate time. There is the problem.

1) I enable the fifo

2) after 10 ms I read fifo:

 a) disable fifo

 B) read count of Fifo

 c) read the fifo

 d) enable fifo


3) repeat it from step 2


BUT the time for disable fifo,read count of fifo, read the fifo and again the enable fifo takes about 2.4 ms (I2C with 400 khz) - it means if I have frequency of scale 1 khz - it is 1 ms between samples - SO when I am reading FIFO - SO minimal 2 samples of data from GYRO are LOST!!!! Because I have disable the fifo 2,4 ms.


How solve this problem?


Thank you.





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