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Arduino Mega ADK + MPU6050

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I am a new user in Arduino.
Actually, I am trying to get faminlar with a MPU6050 sensor (type GY 521).
I am following the tuatorial here http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/MPU-6050#info
Unfortunately, the sample code doesn't work, I can not get any infomation from the sensor. The serial monitor shows only one line "Initializing I2C devices..." and nothing more (please take a look to the attached image)
I am using an Arduino Mega ADK board, maybe the sample code does not supports this board?
Could any one, pleasem tell me what is the problem, and how to fix it.
Thank you!


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Do you have an uno board to try?


Did you try both the raw and DMP code examples and does it stop there on both? Then definitely and I2C issue.


Are you sure you are hooked to the correct SDA and SDC lines? Never used the mega before, but do a search on which lines to use. Seems there was some talk about that.pin 21 and 20 i think


If you don't have an uno, grab one to learn on. Everything (sketches) works on that board and when you get used to it, then go to different ones. The little things will drive you crazy while learning and probably spoil the experience that is arduino. The chip is replaceable, you can make breadboards from the 328p, etc. Have fun not frustration.


Just my $.02.


The program stops there because its not getting back from the IMU the "who am i" byte. So it definitely is your I2C. Do you have another I2C device you could try also to confirm you are communicating?

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