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I am working on a quadcopter based on RPi 2 as the control unit and am trying to use your library I2CDevLib for the sensors (MPU6050, BMP085 and

HMC5883). I however intend to work in a C only environment and have been trying to use the linux/i2c-dev.h provided by the operating system. There

is also the bcm2835 library specifically for the onboard chip.

I have a few queries and seek some consultation.

1. Which of the above do you suggest is a better way to implement the I2CDev.h interface? (linux/i2c-dev.h or bcm2835.h)

2. How best can I use your library and still work in an all C environment? I am looking forward to contributing back any new code that I may write to

add the library you maintain...

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