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Hi Marc,


The REALACCEL numbers are calculated with respect to the orientation of the sensor itself, so that if it is flat and you move it straight up, the "Z" accel will change, but if you flip it up on one side and move it in the new relative "up" direction (along the sensor's Z axis), it will still register acceleration on the Z axis. Essentially, it is sensor-oriented acceleration which removes the effects of gravity and any non-flat/level orientation.


The WORLDACCEL numbers are calculated to ignore orientation. Moving it straight up while flat will look the same as the REALACCEL numbers, but if you then flip it upside-down and do the exact same movement ("up" with respect to you), you'll get exactly the same numbers as before, even though the sensor itself is upside-down.


This would be easier to explain in person with a solid object for reference, but hopefully this is enough.

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