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MPU-6050 library &datasheet problems

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I am really a newbie about this sensor.
I use the library MPU6050 written by  Jeff Rowberg, the header file defines the registers' address from 0x00 to 0x75, but the datasheet shows the address not continuously from 0x00 to 0x75, for example I want to know how does the function setXGyroOffset() work, and it says the register RA_YG_OFFS_USRH 's address is 0x15,but I cant find this register from the datasheet.

Second problem is the  packetSize = mpu.dmpGetFIFOPacketSize() from the example of MPU6050_DMP6,
it says the default is 42bytes,but I cant find any information from the datasheet about the packetsize,could any one explain this? 

Really appreciate .

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Hi yangkai,


First of all thanks for starting this discussion as i am new to mpu6050. I am also facing similar problem as you have described.

I would like to add some more point to that question.


1. According to the MPU6050 Register Map and Description document version 4.0. Several register are either Read only or Write only.

        For Example :    Register 117 – Who Am I ( Reg Address : 0x75) Read only.

    But in Library their are both get and Set function available.

        For Example :   void MPU6050::setDeviceID(uint8_t id); and uint8_t MPU6050::getDeviceID();


Question is if the register is Read only then why their is set function available in Lib??

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Hi Vivek,


wow ,I didnt notice that before.


But after few hours , I find the datasheet of the MPU-6500, and it has the addresses the library defines,but not all of them are the same registers as library defines.

So, keep going  , thank you for your reply.

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