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MPU6050 pausing it

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I am pretty sure Jeff's MPU6050 library is the best in the internet to retrieve ypr angles from MPU6050 using the DMP on arduino. It's a really good library but it's not easy to beginners cause the way the basic Arduino code to retrieve ypr from the DMP is a little complicated.

Anyway, after spending almost 3 months I am confident I understand very well the code and it works really fine. But I found a problem: sometimes I really need to execute some routine that can take up to 3 to 10 seconds and Jeff's code simply crashes. Sometimes Arduino freezes and no FIFO OVERFLOW error message is displayed, other times the error message is displayed. I know that using DMP relies on interrupt and my code must be really really really optimize in order to not hang arduino for too long.

So I decided that before doing my routine I should do mpu.setDMPEnabled(false) and after I finish my routine I should do mpu.setDMPEnabled(true);. But there is a problem: after I execute mpu.setDMPEnabled(true); the MPU6050 restarts its internal "calibration" algorithm and takes at least 5 to 8 seconds to get solid readings to ypr.

Doing the method above I can at least prevent fifo overflow or my arduino to freeze, but it creates another problem cause now my new readings (after mpu.setDMPEnabled(true);) are not precise anymore for at least 5-8 seconds.

Is there someway to ignore DMP readings without overflowing the buffer and at the same time doing something else so in the future I can start to pay "attention" again to DMP and keep reading its angles without any recalibration?

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