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The problem of AXP209

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Hey there!
My AXP209 seems not working (not outputting voltage), i dont know why. And i'm really lazy to buy new one and waiting the shipping, because i have a project that need to be completed quickly. And there i have mini dc/dc lying around, that i use for some of these case (unworking board power management). But CHIP is a microprocessor which mean they are pretty sensitive, so i did'nt sure what i do.
And my plan is removing axp209 and use dc/dc converter for distributing voltages (1.2V,1.5V,3.0,3.3,etc) instead.
Did i must modify the kernel setting?, or can i not modify the kernel?, because i really need my CHIP to back quickly.
i know some features are missing then, like battery, intelligent power select, and some of it, but i know the risk, i just need to power my CHIP again, just a quick solder and whoosh.

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