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MPU9150 magnetometer,address?

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Hi Chandru,


Have you tried alternative addresses for the AK8975 slave, such as 0x0D or 0x0E? Also, have you enabled I2C slave bypass mode on the MPU9150? The AK8975 inside the MPU is wired up to the AUX I2C pins rather than the main I2C pins, so you will not be able to talk directly to the magnetometer without first enabling bypass.


I have not yet worked with the MPU9150 much yet, so I am kind of guessing here.

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Hi Jeff,


Thank you for your comments.I had set the Bypass enable and i am able to read the wia register as 48H.i am a newbie.I am also getting the x,y,z readings in hex format for the magnetometer.Kindly let me know how am i suppose to calculate which way is North with the three 16 bits register values-X_mag,Y_mag and Z_mag.


Thank you once again.

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