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MPU6050 with Arduino Wire length

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Dear all,

I am using the 6 axis motion app library developed by Jeff Rowberg. For my application I need to have my accelerometer 2m away from my Arduino. The issue I have is that my I2C scanner finds the accelerometer but when I use the Accelerometer code I cannot read any values. If I use a short wire (5cm) I can read the values perfectly fine. I have tried to set my I2C baud rate to a lower value using Wire.setClock(100000); so 100kHz rather than the standard 400kHz but I still get the same result.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

Best regards,


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I can't give you any help, but I am having a similar issue with the 6050 and 25-30 cm wire lengths.  I can 'see' the device and get data from it, but something hangs up after a few tens of minutes.   I'm still working on what the 'something' is ;-).



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Hi Frank,

Thanks for the reply so basically to give you some feedback on my experience so far. So I tried in the previous days different wires and different combinations and now managed to go up to 3m without any problems and without sacrificing accuracy. There is a permanent good connection now. What I have experienced is that it really depends on the wire. For example with a AWG24 wire (CAT5e) I could only connect either SCL or SDA on the same 8 cable strand, whereas now I am using AWG28 with 10pin Ribbon cable and it works perfectly fine.

In case you need to extend your cable even further than I achieved so far have a look at active I2C extension boards like the one in the link below.


The only issue I now have is connecting multiple MPU6050 at a time to the Arduino DUE while using Jeff Rowberg's I2CDevlib.



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