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ESP-8266 and MPU-6050 Wire Connections

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Hello guys!

I am new on these works :).

I am working on a project and I need to calculate velocity from MPU-6050. Before calculating it I need to substract the gravity acceleration data from the orginal acceleration data. I found I2Cdev library can calculate linear acceleration, however, I couldnt start working the codes whatever I did. The problem is it says Fifo overflow and I didn't change anything on the codes. Can someone please send me the codes which is working completely on Esp-8266?

I also wired up following the rules below;





Is this true? If its please someone send me the working codes.

Thank you very much for your helps...

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I'm working with the esp32 and I get similar FIFO messages, but it doesn't seem to stop it from working.

I don't fully grasp how the FIFO buffer works yet, but it seems like the code resets the buffer and just keeps going. I don't seem to notice any problems in the numbers being outputted. Is it causes yours to hang?

If you uncomment OUTPUT_READABLE_WORLDACCEL it should cancel out for gravity. I haven't really worked with that output yet, I've mostly been doing yaw/pitch/roll and quanternions. 

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