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Arduino Leonardo + MPU6050 ( i2cdevlib ) + Servo.h ( 2 Servos) = messed up PWM

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Guys, please help to understand something:

Im trying to get data from i2cdevlib running MPU6050 to control servos, but strange stuff happening, it seems like when i2cdevlib library start getting data from Sensor my PWM signals  are totally messed up....
I using pins 10, 11 on Leonardo.

In same time  my other very simple MPU6050 test  code (whcih uses only Wire and Servo) with plain calculation works ok, ( but signals from sensor and not as nice and smooth  as from i2cdevlib )

Is it possible that i2cdevlib for MPU6050 prevent Servo library/PWM from work properly ?

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I'm not an expert, but as far as I see it has something to do with timers. Servo uses timer1,.. is it possible that i2cdevlib uses it too? If so, I am going to have the same problem.


Another thin would be interrupts. So that something in i2c lib interrupts during stuff in servo or so,.. but this is probably just paranoia, because I had so much trouble with that.

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