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double MPU6050 (Sparkfun)

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I connected 2 MPU6050's and 2 MMA8452's to a Arduino Fio. I'm using the DMP for the 6050's.


Altering the example code for the MMA8452 to adress them at different adresses was not that difficult. I adapted the functions to pass the device adress.


The example code for the MPU6050 is a lot bigger and complexer so I was wondering how I could pass the device address as a global variable. Tried some, but compiler keeps on protesting. Has someone experience with this??


Greetings, Pamela

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Just an addition..


First I tried to use the specific address constructor in mpu6050.cpp


In my sketch it says:



MPU6050 mpu;



// actions for MPU at high address



// actions for MPU at low address


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Hi pammie,


This would be much easier if you create two instances of the device:

MPU6050 mpu1(MPU6050_ADDRESS_AD0_LOW);
MPU6050 mpu2(MPU6050_ADDRESS_AD0_HIGH);
Then simply use them as independent objects. The device constructor is meant to take the slave address as an optional parameter for this purpose.
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