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NEW PROJECT ANNOUNCEMENT - PeriLib: I2Cdevlib reborn

Jeff Rowberg

The PeriLib project is now undergoing development as a way to address the various shortcomings in the I2Cdevlib project. The goal is to greatly expand the possibilities for how the library can be used and to fix problems like repository organization, issue tracking and versioning, IDE integration, inconsistent and challenging multi-platform support, underlying I2C HAL code limitations, and others.

The original I2Cdevlib website, repository, and these forums will remain online and continue as before. Literally thousands of you use these resources, and shutting anything down or going into read-only mode is obviously a bad idea. However, I anticipate that many of you may be interested in this new development, and if so I invite you to check out the detailed announcement.

Please keep project-specific topics only on the relevant forum: I2Cdevlib discussions go on this site, and PeriLib discussions go on the other site. Obviously there will be some cross-talk for practical reasons, but just try to avoid getting help or support for either project in the other's community.

Happy coding!

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