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  2. I used: mpu.initialize(); mpu.dmpInitialize(); mpu.setFullScaleGyroRange(3); mpu.setFullScaleAccelRange(3); mpu.setDLPFMode(3); Worked fine.
  3. I'm no expert, but I read elsewhere that the interrupt "pinmode()" should use a pull up/down resister so that an open (unattached) pin does not generate random values. I'm just now debugging a bunch of other problems with the example sketches...not all problems are in the sketches. Some problems are in the core cpp code. I hope to share them when I sort it out.
  4. getDeviceID() is not the device address. My device id for the MPU6050 is 52...go figure. But it's address is certainly 0x68 (default) and can be made 0x69 (ADO high). I don't think the ID is important unless you are using other devices (not multiples of the same) on the I2C line. I'm using multiple MPU6050 and they all report ID of 52.
  5. Hey all! I've been looking around here for the past few days and it's exciting to see other people trying to get the most out of these sensors. For some reason, when running the MPU6050_DMP6 example from the i2cdev library, the rpy values are shown in the serial monitor for a while, but then suddenly the serial monitor stops entirely or the values freeze and continuously output the same value regardless of how the imu is moved. Do you all have any idea what might be causing this? I'm using a wifi arduino mkr 1010 and a GY-521 breakout board. I'm using the dedicated SDA and SCL pins on the wifi arduino and the 3.3v VCC port to power the MPU6050. The data only seems to be able to come in to the serial monitor for about a minute. When the board stops printing data to the serial monitor entirely, I noticed that the Arduino loop { } gets stalled. Commenting out mpu.dmpGetCurrentFIFOPacket(fifoBuffer) seems to prevent loop { } from stalling, but obviously I don't get any data in the serial monitor when that function isn't called. Any pointers or tips would be appreciated!
  6. Hi! Did you make any progess? I'm triyng yo use DMP with dspic33f I'm a little bit lost without the documentation
  7. Hi. I am using the MPU6050 in interrupt mode. I want it to interrupt my ESP32 when movement is detected. I don't need to read anything from the MPU6050 when that interrupt happens, but just get the message that there was movement. This works under normal circumstances. However, if I turn on cycle mode, which makes the MPU6050 go into a low power mode and only cycle at 1.25Hz or at any of the cycle rates: MPU6050_CYCLE_1_25_HZ MPU6050_CYCLE_5_HZ, ///< 5 Hz MPU6050_CYCLE_20_HZ, ///< 20 Hz MPU6050_CYCLE_40_HZ Then the MPU6050 will not interrupt when moved. If I take the MPU out of that mode, interrupts start happening again. Can anyone verify that this is normal, or if I am doing something wrong? It seems to me that the low power cycle mode should be well suited for use with the interrupt, but that does not seem to be the case.
  8. Did you ever find out how to set this matrix? I need it because I've found that with my 6050 chip tilted 80 degrees it takes 7 seconds for it to stabilize. I'm hoping that by swapping the axes so it is -10 degrees instead of +80 that it will stabilize quicker.
  9. The full comment from the motion_driver_6.12\motion_driver_6.12\msp430\eMD-6.0\simple_apps\msp430\mllite_test.c file line 956 /* * Known Bug - * DMP when enabled will sample sensor data at 200Hz and output to FIFO at the rate * specified in the dmp_set_fifo_rate API. The DMP will then sent an interrupt once * a sample has been put into the FIFO. Therefore if the dmp_set_fifo_rate is at 25Hz * there will be a 25Hz interrupt from the MPU device. * * There is a known issue in which if you do not enable DMP_FEATURE_TAP * then the interrupts will be at 200Hz even if fifo rate * is set at a different rate. To avoid this issue include the DMP_FEATURE_TAP * * DMP sensor fusion works only with gyro at +-2000dps and accel +-2G */
  10. Hi there, Another post mentions the following note from InverSense "DMP sensor fusion works only with gyro at +-2000dps and accel +-2G" [mllite_test.c, l. 967]. It looks like DMP has been build for the wearables market for step counting and gestures ect. I would suggest that if this is confirmed that it be included in the DMP FAQ section. I ran some tests and while DMP does not throw an error at other settings but the values returned did not look correct. If you are looking at 16G measurements I would suggest pulling the raw values and doing the Math in the MCU. Regards Dave
  11. Hi....It appears as though the issue was with the document ways for the libraries on my windows 10 PC. I downloaded an adjusting robot sketch that utilizes similar libraries as the MPU6050_DMP6 sketch and it assembled with practically no issues. I then, at that point, subbed the MPU6050_DMP_6 sketch and it likewise ordered with practically no issues.
  12. Hello, how do you connect Arduino and two MPUs´╝č
  13. Hi Niharika, can you tell me which IDE you are using to develop this application?
  14. I'm too having the same errors while compiling. As I'm using Arduino IDE downloaded from the Windows Store, Program files/Program files(x86) won't have an Arduino folder. How to solve these errors?
  15. Pretty late response :-) I see the same behaviour when doing the zero-offset-calibration in a certain position, but then powering up the MPU in a very different position.
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