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  1. Hello and thanks in advance for the great library, I'm planning to use the MPU6050 as the IMU of my university rocket team's 3km apogee rocket for telemetry. The problem is, it means that I would have to use the 16g range of the accelerometer. It's desirable to use the device's DMP as it's the most precise and hassle-free solution, but I didn't seem to find a way to set the device's range to 16g while using its DMP. I tried modifying the teapot example to include the line mpu.setFullScaleAccelRange(MPU6050_ACCEL_FS_16); after the device initialization and after the DMP initialization but it didn't work. Is it possible? If no, what method would you recommend for processing the raw data? Or even, is there a better solution than the MPU6050 for my application? I've looked at the BNO055, but unfortunately that chip is too expensive for my team compared to the MPU. I'm using an Arduino nano for development with PlatformIO (VS Code). We plan to use the ESP32 as our micro.
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