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  1. Hi, I know that there are some eamples showing how to put magnetometer data into DMP. For example this one: http://www.i2cdevlib.com/forums/topic/111-arduino-example-sketch-to-read-magnetometer-while-dmp-is-on/ but it does not make any sensor fusion. I couldn't find any library which would make magnetometer fusion inside DMP. Does such library exist? Maybe code in this file MPU6050_9Axis_MotionApps41.h make DMP+magnetometer fusion? I couldn't find any tips in the code and right now I am not able to test it. So the question is: does such library exist or the only way to do this is to make own fiters (for example complementary filter)? Maybe there is some MPU9150 library that can be used with MPU6050+magnetometer?
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