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  1. Hi, So I did a little more messing around with my program, and I got it to work well. I decided not to use the interrupts because they were actually messing up the rest of my program. However, it does work. The only problem I have is that it runs a little slow. Another part of the program controls an oscillating servomotor and, right now, it won't really run faster that about 1 hz. I believe is just a processing issue because the program is so big. The main part of the issue is that, as I have the program right now, the gyroscope is taking data as fast as possible is the background and I only sample it even 10 ms or so. I guess my question is there any way around that? I feel like the FIFO buffer is still kind of an "issue"--the time it takes to read into that or something. But the program does have to have the 42 byte packet, right? Or can that be changed? Any help anyone could give even just regarding ways to make the Arduino faster would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to computer programming, but I am using the program Jeff posted to use the yaw, pitch, and roll values (I really only need the yaw, though) in a feedback system for a UAV. I am using an Arduino Uno to run the gyroscope, and the program works fine by itself. My issue results from me putting the program on a timer so that it only reads the value every, say, 100 ms. Then FIFO overflow then gets triggered (which makes sense because the values are going in faster than they go out.) Is there any way to bypass this? I noticed one of the past iterations of the program read the values directly instead of from the FIFO buffer, but I didn't understand that version of the program, and I also don't think it had a "ypr" option. Is there an easy way to change the programming, or perhaps a better way to do it? Thanks for any help you can give!
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