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  1. Hi luisrodenas, thank you for your attention! I must say that I'm using an Arduino Leonardo and I'm running the sketch for calibration according to your instructions on the first post, in a plain horizontal table and completely as possible still. I'm using the Jeff's library as it is distributed with none modifications as your sketch, the only thing I changed was the I2C address to be 0x68 to work with my breakout board for MPU-6050. I ran your sketch with the default parameters: int buffersize=1000; //Amount of readings used to average, make it higher to get more precision but sketch will be slower (default:1000) int acel_deadzone=8; //Acelerometer error allowed, make it lower to get more precision, but sketch may not converge (default:8) int giro_deadzone=1; //Giro error allowed, make it lower to get more precision, but sketch may not converge (default:1) I ran it for about 10 minutes and the output I get through the serial port was recorded in the file attached. It seems to me that this condition, never occurs, so I believe that's why I can't get a sucessfull calibration from your sketch. Anyway I appreciate your help and your share of this sketch. Keep up with the good work! MPU6050_calibration_sketch_output.txt
  2. Hi luisrodenas, I tried your sketch but without success... I even set your parameters acel_deadzone and giro_deadzone to large values but i can't get the MPU-6050 to converge to a value for the offset, it just stays printing three dots forever... Can you help me with this?! Thanks in advance !
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me how can i get DMP processed angular velocity from MPU-6050 using I2Cdevlib libraries for Arduino?! Thanks in advance
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