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  1. Thanks for the information! This DMP code is REALLY good, it can measure different types of data simultaneously!
  2. For the ones still searching for a solution, I figured out, with the help from the Arduino Playgroud Page, that you should put Pull-Up resistors on the SCL and SDA pins for them to work. It seens that the values on the breakout board are not enough. 10K worked here. Here is a picture of what you should do: I am now using with all the supply on the 3.3V of the Arduino, and no more the 5V. Didn't tested with the 5V yet.
  3. I am in this situation too. My Arduino is the UNO R1. I have the MPU6050 on the GY-521 Breakout Board, tough mine is a little different from the default GY-521: When I use the Arduino Playgroud Code, I receive all the RAW Data, with values that appear to be real, and change consistently with the sensor movement. But when I use the RAW FreeIMU code, it give me NaN (not a number) for all values, and the DMP code give me "Connection Failed". The pins are correctly connected, with INT disconnected and 5V supply. The I2C scan give me 0x68, so I did not change anything in the code.
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