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  1. Hi. I am using the MPU6050 in interrupt mode. I want it to interrupt my ESP32 when movement is detected. I don't need to read anything from the MPU6050 when that interrupt happens, but just get the message that there was movement. This works under normal circumstances. However, if I turn on cycle mode, which makes the MPU6050 go into a low power mode and only cycle at 1.25Hz or at any of the cycle rates: MPU6050_CYCLE_1_25_HZ MPU6050_CYCLE_5_HZ, ///< 5 Hz MPU6050_CYCLE_20_HZ, ///< 20 Hz MPU6050_CYCLE_40_HZ Then the MPU6050 will not interrupt when moved. If I take the MPU out of that mode, interrupts start happening again. Can anyone verify that this is normal, or if I am doing something wrong? It seems to me that the low power cycle mode should be well suited for use with the interrupt, but that does not seem to be the case.
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