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  1. Hey all! I've been looking around here for the past few days and it's exciting to see other people trying to get the most out of these sensors. For some reason, when running the MPU6050_DMP6 example from the i2cdev library, the rpy values are shown in the serial monitor for a while, but then suddenly the serial monitor stops entirely or the values freeze and continuously output the same value regardless of how the imu is moved. Do you all have any idea what might be causing this? I'm using a wifi arduino mkr 1010 and a GY-521 breakout board. I'm using the dedicated SDA and SCL pins on the wifi arduino and the 3.3v VCC port to power the MPU6050. The data only seems to be able to come in to the serial monitor for about a minute. When the board stops printing data to the serial monitor entirely, I noticed that the Arduino loop { } gets stalled. Commenting out mpu.dmpGetCurrentFIFOPacket(fifoBuffer) seems to prevent loop { } from stalling, but obviously I don't get any data in the serial monitor when that function isn't called. Any pointers or tips would be appreciated!
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