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  1. Hi, i'm sorry to re-open this topic but after read many post and forum, I can not find a solution for my MPU 6050. When I try to use the MPU 6050 I2Cdev Lib, I am not able to connect my device to my arduino in the way off when I start the program, I have alway "MPU6050 connection faild", and after, only 0. ( with MPU6050_raw programs) My device work well because I can receive raw data when I using arduino playground for MPU6050. I currently use the GY-521 breakboard, and as it is said in the FAQ, I connect INT pins to pin 2 on arduino Uno R3. The adress of My device is 0x68 ( foud by i2c_scanner). I spend three all day to try to fix the problems but I can't find a solution, so, If someone can help me, It will be so nice, Thank , Winnie P.s : I don't speak english very well, so sorry for the english mistakes.
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