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  1. I will give it a try and post back, this look's nice thank you very much! Edit: Yes is working that is the A4 and A5
  2. above 5 is A0 and then they go as A1 -> A2 -> A3 -> VCC Is like this but red. <-- Click to make it big The pictures from my first post are real If anyone can help, is very much appreciated !
  3. There is no A4 and A5 on my board, if you click on the link "datasheet" of my previous post or here, you can see from the pictures that is exact the same board.
  4. I have the same problem. Arduino working (check) tested with a blink led The right pins connected? (check) 4 and 5 for I2C as datasheet No compliling errors (check) Pull-Up resistors: This is the I2cScanner: And the output of raw serial data: Please Help, i've try everyhing
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