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  1. Hi @ all, im new here, but i've read much in this forum about the MPU6050 and I2C. First i wanna say two things: 1. my english isnn't the best, i hope u understand me 2. you guys do a really great job here *clap* Im here, because i have a problem. i use a Arduino due and a GY-521 with an MPU6050. I've written my own code, but there are somethimes connectionproblems. I dont know why, i cant understand. What i've done: - Checked the connections 3.3V is connected to VCC GND is connected to GND SCL is connected to SCL (via pull up to 3,3v) SDA is connected to SDA (via pull up to 3,3v) AD0 is connected directly to GND the rest is open. - I've soldered additionaly 2x 4,7kOhm Resistors from SDA and SCL to 3.3V (read this could help in playground) The problem is strange, because its just somethimes. If u disconnect my board and reconnect it, it works. But somethimes i have to do this several times. Im not sure if the problem is in the code. Because if i start the Seiral monitor, there are some printouts, that shouldnt get printet before other printouts. I've testet it with several boards, sensors and shields, its always the same problem. Do you have any ideas. in the attachement my file as .txt, cant upload .ino Thanks and best regards. Patrick gyro.txt
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