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  1. Hey, I have a problem with this behavior for the mpr121. If you could checkout this thread would be great: http://www.i2cdevlib.com/forums/topic/218-arduino-wire-endtransmission-readbytes-not-working/ Cheers bechtold
  2. Hi, in readBytes() in I2Cdev.cpp the register to read from is written and then before reading the actual value a new transmission is started. This is not working for the MPR121. Currently it does this: Wire.beginTransmission(devAddr); Wire.write(regAddr); Wire.endTransmission(); Wire.beginTransmission(devAddr); Wire.requestFrom(devAddr, (uint8_t)min(length - k, BUFFER_LENGTH)); Here is explained that the endTransmission is needed to actually send the regAddr. But this is not working for the MPR121 because I guess it forgets the register you want to read from when the transmission is c
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