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  1. Hello, thanks for the straightforward answer. Actually I've got a kalman filter already working but liked the idea of having the computations outsourced to the chip. Will go with my own filter then! Thanks again!
  2. Hello, I'm using I2Cdevlib to read out the fused DMP data from an MPU-6050 breakout board, and I'm absolutely amazed at the amount of precision I get from such a low-cost sensor! I've got one problem though: I attached the sensor to a mobile robot, which sometimes moves in large circles, i.e. the gyroscope will register the same small turn velocity over a long period of time. During these periods, after ~8 seconds the yaw reading of the sensor stabilizes at some point and I don't get rotation updates anymore. From what I gathered from other posts, I assume that the DMP tries to cancel out gyro drift by subtracting any constant gyro reading that it gets from the next readings. I guess what happens is that the DMP thinks my slowly moving robot is actually the gyroscope drifting and tries to compensate. (I can actually see the yaw moving in the opposite direction for a short while when I stop the robot mid-turn.) So my question is: Is there some way I can turn off gyro drift compensation in the DMP? I can take care of slow drifts myself by measuring the gyro drift when I'm completely sure that the robot isn't moving. It would be a pity if I couldn't use this great sensor and library because I can't disable this feature. Thanks a lot for your responses, Simon
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