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  1. well I dont have any Problem with the arduino sketch and libraries. I can read all the Information from the sensor. My question is related to the dmp integreted in the unit. Als is that mentioned in the Header file "MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps20.h" many data will be written to different Registers at power on. if i have unterstand the Routine "dmpinitialize" at first a block of Memory will be written (the first Register in which the first Byte will be written is the Register 0x6F") and then configuration data will be written and finally "dmpupdate" data. Is there anyone who can affirm that the first Register in which the first block Memory data will be written at power on is 0x68? and i would appreciate when i got also in which adress the other data will be written? ( i have tried to find it out but until now i cannot get it) i have tried to Display the Content of some Registers from the Serial Monitor provided by arduino IDE. I have added a few line of fuctions from the library "wire" just after the line "devStatus = mpu.dmpInitialize();" My program dont do anything just initialize dmp. the Content of the Register are not equal to any of the series of data to write through the Routine "dmpinitiaze" Please help me to understand what is going!!!!! Ah why am i interested to These adress? I want to reprogramm in Assembler avr and i should These adress at first step known. I would appreciate any Help, even a Suggestion to read up to 10M Byte pdf document.
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