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  1. Hi All, I am New to all this arduino stuff and was wondering if I could get help/see if it is possible to make a profilograph survey device from a arduino and MPU 6050? so a profilograph in a nutshell measures the floor plan every 0.5 sec in degrees which gives you data so that you can get a reading over a said distance. so what I want to do is build a device that is self calibrating (by the click of a push button) and write the data collected from the MPU6050 to a SD card shield and also have the data displayed on a LCD screen so that I know the data is begin collected. So in theory I would need..... Push button = self Calibrating Push Button = Start and Stop SD card Shield = Data files MPU 6050 = data collection Note: the data has to be in degrees so that it will work with a spreadsheet I have and also a filter will have to be in place so it will give me acc readings and be a true plan of the floor. If anyone can give me help or guidance on this (i.e Code, set up filters and the rest) I would be very greatful. Many Thanks.
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