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  1. Hi all! Currently, I am working on a project where I need some accurate orientation data. Due to this need, I have opted in for MPU-6050 for its DMP capability. Only if there is some explanative documentation, I would have no problem, but there is not. That's why I have a couple of questions. First question is about dmpInitialize function in "https://github.com/jrowberg/i2cdevlib/blob/master/Arduino/MPU6050/MPU6050_6Axis_MotionApps20.h",starting from line 325 -Why we need to change slave address to 0x7F and then back to 0x68 or 69 depending on AD0 pin? Would there be any problems if we skipped those parts? (I thought that these steps are neccesary and thus translated those parts in C) Second is about writing dmpConfig and dmpMemory. As far as I have understood, we perform the writing after 1-selecting proper bank by writing it into MPU6050_RA_BANK_SEL 2-selecting proper address by writing it onto MPU6050_RA_MEM_START_ADDR We write both dmpConfig and dmpMemory into register MPU6050_RA_MEM_R_W, don't we? I am asking this because in source code I couldn't see it. And third question is about setting the clock division rate. Do we need to use gyro_z or it can be anything else? I am planning to share my implementation if I can manage to complete it. Thanks for kind replies and suggestions!
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