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  1. Dear all, Millions of thanks to Ms Debra, http://www.geekmomprojects.com Dr Anindo Ghosh, http://electronics.stackexchange.com Mr Muddy, http://forum.arduino.cc I have managed to make the 2 sensor modules work.
  2. Hi there, I have tried the GY-521 sensor on Arduino by using the guide from (http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/MPU-6050). It worked well. Can anyone guide me on how can I add another GY-512 module please? How do I define the additional sensor modules in the program? I was planning to use a total of 4 of them connected to my Arduino Uno as required in my exoskeleton project. However based on my research, I have found out that the MPU-6050 chip has a limitation where I could only connect a miximum of 2 of the sensor modules. Please help to understand the I2C communication as well.
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