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  1. Accelerometer data from sensor,how does it reach the linux driver and finally on its way to android,say for eg -screen orientation in Android tablets?Pls explain.. would be helpful for me.. Any website from where I can learn how this works!!
  2. Hi Jeff, Thank you for your comments.I had set the Bypass enable and i am able to read the wia register as 48H.i am a newbie.I am also getting the x,y,z readings in hex format for the magnetometer.Kindly let me know how am i suppose to calculate which way is North with the three 16 bits register values-X_mag,Y_mag and Z_mag. Thank you once again.
  3. I am trying to access the wia register of magnetometer by passing 0x0c as address,I just get FF as the result instead of 48H.when i pass 0x68 as address,i get 0x87 as the value for wia register.I should get 48h.Kindly let me know what the problem could be
  4. Thank you for your response.your is good.However,i found the problem.It was with he hardware.I found the GND of the senor was floating.I fixed i and its working fine.
  5. Hi, I am using MPU9150 sensor with dsPic33fj128GP802.I have just started to learn about I2C.I tried checking the value of WHO_AM_I register.I use Mplab in debug mode to check the output.I get 0x68(correct result) only sometime.If I reset and check the result again I get 0XFF or 0x00 or any values most of the time.I am not sure what the problem would be.Can you suggest how can I approach to resolve this problem so that every time I check the value,I get the correct result(0x68). Looking forward to your help.
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