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  1. Hi, everyone, I'm making a college project that consists in a quadcopter with Arduino. I'm trying to use MPU-6050 to balance it. I've already read about this sensor and done a complementary filter to combine the effects of the accelerometer and gyroscope. It worked nicely, and I'm using Processing to manage it. However, I still have no idea about how to use this combinated data to balance the quadcopter's motors. I've tried to do a simple test: if the quadcopter inclines at least 15 degrees to some side, motor(s) of the opposite side stops. This is a very bad solution, of course. Also, as the quadcopter vibrates, the MPU's accelerometer vibrates too, forcing the combinated data (angle of MPU) to be very different from the real angle. I found lot of stuff about making a filter, but couldn't find much stuff about balancing a quadcopter with MPU. So, I would appreciate every single help! Sorry about my English, this is not my natural language. Thanks!
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