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  1. Hello, I am new to this forum and have started experimenting with the MPU-6050 a few weeks ago. I am using it for a Design Technology project in hopes of measuring acceleration in any specific direction. After much research it was concluded this cheap, but useful chip was the go-to piece and so after more searching around on youtube I stumbled upon Jeff Rowberg's code. It took me a lot of time to get the processing teapot screen running but it was so worth it. Anyways now that I accomplished that, I moved on to the main task at hand and found out that by uncommented "OUTPUT_READABLE_REALACCEL" . This gave a significant amount of values and raw data in the serial monitor itself but the problem I have is that I do not understand the values or know how to convert them into acceleration that I can then use to perform other functions. I have only started coding last year and I am currently 16 in Year 11. If anyone could give some input or understandable references on the following values I would appreciate that a lot. Send any character to begin DMP programming and demo: Initializing DMP... Enabling DMP... Enabling interrupt detection (Arduino external interrupt 0)... DMP ready! Waiting for first interrupt... areal -293 49 -1190 areal -153 22 66 areal -50 10 868 areal 4 -14 1370 areal 23 -39 1676 areal 59 -54 1878 areal 86 -68 2013 areal 107 -77 2119 areal 119 -83 2175 areal 112 -89 2187 areal 99 -10 72182 areal 116 -118 2198 areal 144 -120 2222 So here is the following data I have received: Also many thanks to Jeff Rowberg for producing such valuable and useful code. I will make sure to include you in my project credits and when I master Arduino I will definitely try to share and teach this to others. Thank you
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